Sighting of this animal also occurred in Michigan and New York. October 23, 2020 5:05 pm Trevor Oates Cedar Rapids News, News, Top Stories HIAWATHA, Iowa (KWWL) -- The Hiawatha Police Department is warning residents about a possible mountain lion sighting … Select the link above to report your sighting. July 7, 2020 11:08 am A hard-to-spot mountain lion patiently waits for the right moment to attack an elk feeding in a gully at the Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge in … The length of their thick tails runs some two-thirds of the body. Seven sightings were verified in 2019. If DEEP accepts that mountain lions might live in CT they will be required to mount all kinds of protection programs they can't afford. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation takes mountain lion sightings seriously. Cougars are considered extinct in North Carolina, but a few dozen people came forward on Facebook over the weekend to say they’re still seeing them in North Carolina, no matter what the experts say. Nov 6, 2020 9:30 PM. For years, the presence of mountain lions here in Maine has been a passionately debated topic. Sighting and vehicle-kill reports indicate that bobcats now reside in all eight Connecticut counties. State wildlife officials say mountain lions – also known as cougars, catamounts or pumas – haven't had a presence in the commonwealth since the mid-19th century. Bobcats have been live-trapped and marked with yellow ear tags and GPS collars. Residents of Greenwich, Conn., have reported seeing a mountain lion roaming the woods even though the species is extinct in the region, reports. It … However, the heaviest concentrations occur in the northwestern corner of the state. Meanwhile, a family in Redwood City has … Sighting reports of bobcats will help biologists gain an understanding of the current state population. The Connecticut mountain lion, dubbed "St. Croix," was first sighted in Greenwich in early June but it is not the first sighting of a mountain lion that has been reported in Connecticut. Mountain lions can weigh more than 175 pounds and measure some 6 to 8 feet from nose to tail tip. Over a period of a year and a half, this Mountain Lion left DNA evidence in at least four states. Learn about these wild cats, how to identify their scat and most importantly—how to stay safe. This mountain lion will likely move on and never be seen again. Yeah, things are getting hairy. ODWC is building a database of sightings for mountain lions. Mountain lions are the second largest predator cat in the Americas. MOUNTAIN LION SIGHTING REPORT. ODWC requires evidence to confirm a sighting. This is the second mountain lion sighting in North Texas in less than a month. Rare sighting of big cat in North Texas region There are very few sightings these days of mountain lions, … This mountain lion has a San Fran suburb on red alert, because it's been seen staring down kids at play! Posts from the sites Nextdoor Kingswood and Neighbors claim they have been seeing a mountain lion roaming neighborhoods on the west side of Sioux Falls. The Damned Story: Eastern mountain lions, or pumas or cougars, were last officially seen in Connecticut near the end of the 19th century.A threat to livestock, they were hunted out of the state and driven to parts more wild. This mountain lion was documented by DNA samples from Minnesota and Wisconsin between December 2009 and early 2010. Social media users have posted a number of believed sightings in the Parlee Road area. Only 55 sightings of cougars -- which are also known as pumas, panthers and mountain lions -- have been confirmed in Michigan since 2008. SIOUX FALLS, SD, ( — Reports of a mountain lion sighting have been appearing the last two days. Fish and Wildlife Service. News. Click here to report a possible cougar sighting. A big cat spotted in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, has residents wondering whether it's a bobcat or some kind of mutant mountain lion. Mountain lions, or eastern cougars, once “lived in every Eastern state in a variety of habitats including coastal marshes, mountains and forests,” according to the U.S. On November 22, about 20 miles north of Rowlett there was another mountain lion sighting. For almost as long as I have been writing about the Maine outdoors, this fascinating question has persisted: “Are there mountain lions (cougars) in Maine?” In a way, the elusive and mysterious cougar has become somewhat of a Maine folklore icon, the Maine equivalent of Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest. Only the jaguar of Central and South America is bigger. Mountain lions have killed humans in the wild, though sightings and encounters are rare even in the American West and Canada. Murray has cared for four mountain lions since she took over the rescue in 1998. There have been 82 verified sightings since 1994. The Minnesota DNR verified 31 cougars, mostly on trail … For many decades, numerous individuals have reported seeing mountain lions in Connecticut. An attack on a 4-year-old near San Diego is just the latest in a string of mountain lion attacks in California. So the DEEP line is "Mountain lions? The Missouri Department of Conservation confirmed a mountain lion in Shannon County in February 2020. Bobcats, Mountain Lions and Lynx: Common Big Cats Seen at the Cabin Bobcats, Mountain Lions and Lynx are the most common sightings of big cats in North America. Report a Bobcat Sighting. But other than the one killed by a motor vehicle on the Wilbur Cross Parkway in Milford on June 11, 2011 &… However, feral hogs do occupy the area and are also a food source for mountain lions. See contact information and details about Mountain Lion sightings in CT. But the abundance of sightings confirms that mountain lions have in fact made Connecticut their home. An adult male can be eight feet long from nose to end of its long tail. What mountain lions?" CHELMSFORD -- A mysterious creature is afoot in town, and some residents believe it to be a mountain lion, roaming the area. One came to her as the result of an owner's divorce. Confirmed sightings are either exotic pets released or individuals making their way east from their home range. She feeds and cares for them with donations and grants. Mountain lion confirmed in Dallas area. Range: The bobcat’s range has historically extended throughout the lower 48 … If you have evidence in the form of tracks, photo, video, or a kill you will be contacted by an ODWC employee. A mountain lion was spotted in Agoura Hills on Saturday afternoon, prompting officials to tell residents that their pets and children should stay indoors if possible. Some are sure they’ve seen the big cats — also known as cougars, pumas and catamounts. Get more news and updates -- sign up for our newsletter at While mountain lion’s food sources do include deer, biologists note that there is not a large deer population in the area where this lion was spotted. However, Animal Control Officer Mark Cianci said area patrols have revealed no evidence. A mountain lion is caught on security camera footage walking through a driveway in front of a home in the Los Pinos development on the edge of Capital Canyon Golf Club on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2020. Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. The Wildlife Division initiated a study of Connecticut's bobcat population in 2017. Most sightings of mountain lions (aka cougars, pumas, catamounts) turn out to be bobcats, domestic cats or coyotes, according to the DEC.