error in the above post. Now, the hot water has failed and when I called them, they say there are NO internal parts available, I'm on my own On the very bottom of the box in small print this is the only place where you will find the words. HAVE BROKEN OFF. A water cooler is one of the most important appliances in an office or home. I'll bet if I were to threaten to sue the company because my hand got SEVERELY BURNED when the cup became unbalanced......THEN...I'd get my replacement tap! Does anyone know where I can go online to get one? HAD IT A YEAR CANT FIND MY RECEIT FOR IT. Do the same with the new one from crystal mountain. She likes HOT Chocolate. Puurchased at Home Depot, same issue. I thought that it was water that wasted while changing the bottles. What are the 800 numbers used for this ? I have eight of these. Philippe Wajntraub. 7-83A. I disassembled the unit from the base and it is now sitting in my kitchen sink draining. Mrs Alicia Mendoza, My name is Alicia Mendoza. 2 had its hot water lever snap. to get rid of the bad smelly taste of the bottled water, you must clean your system periodically. It is about 2 1/2 years old. There are bottom screws from the inside that I cannot reach to remove the face and I did not want to tear the face off and shear the plastic at the screws as a shortcut to my frustractions. And now one of its 3 functions is useless. A good sign!! I'm going to try to contact Sunbeam, but am wondering when the handles are going to break or our kitchen is going to flood...maybe it's better to trash it while we're still lucky...?!?! I was wandering if Robert C ever received his red lever from that place? I'm just glad to have finally received them. who carries replacement filters for the sunbeam water cooler mod ylr 2597 hzl2 or L2. THERE IS AN ENTERPRISING GUY ON EBAY SELLING REPLACEMENT HANDLES FOR $2.95 EACH!! With over 20 years of professional home cleaning experience, Lindani has extensive knowledge about best practices, space management, and cleaning solutions. This one is about a water cooler that does not cool the water. It is now April 2005 and I have not received them. 0 Solutions. Sometimes the water be room temperature and sometimes it's cold. The hot water heater goes crazy and melts the plastic part with the nipple on it,and then the gasket no longer seals the water tank area , and there you have it , HUGE FLOOD EVERY TIME ! Especially with a new baby in the house.Some of us felt sick beacuse of it.Called Sunbeam who said that they had no complaints. We too have bought a Sunbeam water dispenser from Home Depot that is only 5 days old and the water has the worst taste to it even when heated. Clean your water cooler regularly to help keep it running well. It can be easy to fix a water cooler if it is one of these problems. no rubber band needed Good luck- -elite classics never again. If the water cooler is integrated in another device such as a refrigerator, cut off the water supply by turning off the source of water. He/she now has 137 left! We keep calling to order a new one and they keep telling us they are out of stock and to call back. first my cold water tap would only drip so i traded it with the room temp tap,then the handle I have the same model as the one listed above this website. Now you know why they are hiding their name under bottom side the box? He told me how to take the taps off (twist off the top portion when the unit is empty of water) and then sent me a manual (instantly) at my request (1MB). One, a thick, sticky, yellowish substance can be found seeping out from underneath the cooler about every month or so (I wonder if this might be drinks kept in the fridge and spilled by the kids, so we are monitoring that!!). i just joined the "broken hot water handle" club. Does any one out there know what might be the problem with my water dispenser? I need to replace it, how much will it coast CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION. So she istructed me to unplug the unit for 20 minutes and turn off all of the switches on the back and turn the temperature thermostats to off. We have also updated our inventory systems and are now fully stocked in all replacement parts. What is this "casket" that I'm seeing referenced? been trying to find info on sunbeam's web site but failed, just like all of you. Which is why you aren't getting cold water. I got an extra lid, drilled a 1' hole in it. Hold the foil in place as you load the bottle on the cooler and the foil will be punctured. I definitely will NOT buy another Sunbeam Product. Water all over the floor and parts that i cannot find substitutes for, perfect! Please contact first we used a 12oz glass to flush it out like the instruction said that was a waste of good water. > seems. Instead, why not try taking the broken spigot to your local hardware/plumbing supply and simply replace it with a small brass water valve with the same thread/pipe size as the spigot? if any of you have had this problem and could give me the company's name, maybe it would sound familiar and i could give them a call to find out where mine is. People are obviously being taken for a ride and Sunbeam doesn't even care at all based on all the postings that are in here. I just got off the line with Elite Group and have ordered 3 of them. anyone have any ideas? We purchased our Sunbeam water cooler in Dec. 04. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for writing. Also, my room temp (middle) nozzle started to leak real bad about 6 months ago, so a I bought a little rubber cap at home depot (something like you might put on the bottom of a chair leg to protect the floor) and put it on the end of the nozzle to stop the leak. It also has always leaked out the bottom, even if the defrost water was mopped up frm the inside. I was told it would take 13 weeks (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!) So for those of you who have a problem with leaks, you might want to check that there is nothing loose within your cooler. I am going to take it back to the store and check one of the other coolers. I bought a Sunbeam Stainless Steel Water Dispenser Model #0266 from the Home Depot. suggestions. Thank you, The taps are made of a simple plastic yes, maybe they ciould use improvement just a tad, however, if you properly lift the lever to release the water instead of pulling on it, then maybe your's would stay..As well, just simply turn off the hot water tank to make your water colder, it ends up overboiling and causing the cold water to be warm.. if you need hot water simply turn it on 5 minutes beforehand. . 1. fill your system with it and let it sit 5 minutes then flush 4 times after with clean water. I have sent the text of this entire blog to Sunbeam to see if they respond. Bye Bye Sunbeam! Heh heh heh heh heh, snort giggle heh hee hee heh She holds an LLBS from the University of Zimbabwe, and is a lifelong learner who always seeks to improve the world around her. I was billed $20 from Elite Group Inc. on Aug. 18, 2005. The blue cold water tap broke and I replaced it with the red spare. I told the woman that I paid something like $60 for this unit and to pay $13 for a piece of plastic that costs .04 cents to product is an insult to the consumer. If it is in a garage or anywhere where bacteria/dust/dirt might get into the unit easily. When the hot water is on, which it has since I bought it, it makes loud hissing noises then a loud bang noise. There are many others more reputable to choose from. my system is the ylr2587h3. solution; replace and turn down the hot water thermostat. Please send this information to my email if possible reply in Spanish or French. Thanks in advance for your help. Anyone have a link to that manual or parts list that is mentioned occasionally? I am an complaint investigator for SunbeamĀ® products and have been given this URL to study complaints of our Water Cooling Products. INSIDES TO CLEAN THE PARTS AND NOW WE ARE HAVING It's important to run the vinegar through each reservoir for a while so that you know you have completely flushed out any mold. Mine broke a year ago and I finally gave up on getting parts from Elite, so I threw the dispenser away. The store has to call 1-866-631-2031 to confirm. After letting the unit run for almost 3 straight days the water was still room temp. you can't even find a listing for them on Sunbeams site. we are all in the same boat...piece of junk, no customer support. Thank you! I still have my manual because i KEPT IT AS MOST CUST'S SHOULD. However, based on the manufacture info, the compnent is produced to the end users specifications for temperature. Proudly Made In The U.S.A. UPDATE: 5-1-2020, At this time Tomlinson is not manufacturing blue faucets, the blue faucet will be replaced with BLACK. Does anyone know how to clean out the mold taste from a cooler thats been sitting out for 2 years? This should be enough to tell customers everywhere what name products NOT TO BUY . I purchased my Sunbeam water cooler at Home Depot some years ago. The hot water tap now only dispenses room temperature water. DON'T BUY A SUNBEAM WATER COOLER UNLESS YOU LIVE IN CANADA!! But not complaining (since there really is no one to complain to!!). If the unit is getting power then the compressor is not working correctly. The other is water - but I think it stems from the fact that the fridge keeps icing up (even when it is turned off! DIFFICULTY PUTTING IT BACK TOGETHER. hello Hot and refrigerator sections work great, and only leaks from the fridge if I forget to sop up the condensation. See if there is a clog in the reservoir where the water trickles down to the spout/spigot. Ask a question about Sunbeam BRITA Water Filter & Chiller in Water Filters. i've had that shit for almost 3 years.....i think it's how you take care your stuff....thank you, Dear SunbeamĀ® Rep it broke and the # is 0147/0148. I have model YLR2-5-87H3 water cooler. We bought our Sunbeam water cooler about 3 years ago. Im sure this is how the knob broke when someone forced it to dispence water when the safty lever wasnt properly lifted, but like I said, it is a pain in the ass to operate and is very stiff and gets hung up all the time. As one poster pointed out: if they were $20, I wouldn't care, but I spent $125 on this piece of junk! He offered a refund and when the part comes in they will ship it to me. This troubleshooting process took about 4 weeks of 10 minutes here and 20 minutes there. ... Go figure. Well the company Elite called me just as Sunbeam said. It is also like pulling teeth to get someone on the customer service line. It turns out that it was the damn bottle that was the problem and not the Sunbeam water cooler! If you are interested, I have all 3 in working order - I am located in the GTA I haven't broken ours (yet) but certainly wouldn't replace it with the same defective part. Ijust broke the hot water lever. I should sell the red handle on Ebay !! Has anyone had any luck with the 877 number from the back of the product manual? YLR2-5-87H3 and once again nothing happened. Regular 5 gal water bottles works great if you cover the top with double-thickness of heavy duty alum foil and crip tight around the neck with your hands. i called elite (800-890-4076) to find out those knobs have warranty for only three months. i pointed this out to the representative who was fresh enough to tell me "that's only your opinion". The Sunbeam Water Coolers are not manufactured by Sunbeam, but rather by Elite Classics. can't seem to find out how to do this. The model number of the cooler is YLR2-5-87H3. (I like the fish tank idea but I love my fish too much.) This is totally rediculous that so many people have purchased this product and cannot seem to find a replacement for this product. So it could be up to a year before I got one if not longer. Sincerely, Now my dispenser is leaking and I want to find another. Please refer to the following website I found with other customer's comments in similiar circumstances. Unfortunately, I'm one of the victims! As for the bad taste, if it is a water cooler with a plastic tank, that will explain the bad taste, most of the time the plasic gives the bad taste. Thanks. I asked if there was any good will on the part of the company to replace a defective knob due to a design fault(they all seem to break around the same time)he told me that no such good will exists. Since the schmatic was slightly inaccurate I was unable to determine if the failed conponetnt was the low range 85 Degree C. or high range 95 Degree C thermostat. If you want to know how to load a refill bottle without spilling, check out this video:, I have the same cooler as above mentioned model#p826029 reg.jpg can you tell me were do i go to get this gasket or any other part that i may need. You turn on the switch and the light never comes on and now the white AND the blue taps give room temp. Yes, not the 'factory solution' but why bother with something that's proven to be defective (both at the item level and with the company that should have solved the problem)? I bought a sunbeam water cooler about 2 months ago from home depot. Water has a plastic aftertaste. I know these instructions aren't the greatest but if you can get rid of the air lock, the water comes out good. 1 got really loud all of a sudden. Anyone else had these two problems? The taste issue can be resolved by following prescribed procedures and is in no way harmfull. Please DO NOT call the SCAM 800/877 numbers posted here under the name of Elite. my sunbeam water cooler dumped five gallons of water on my hardwood floor. I noticed the manual has a wiring diagram which is slightly inaccurate, but close enough for trouble shooting. I would like to know why this is I think it is a 2000 model if you or anyone else could help me out i would like to get my hands around a manual for this model! I WENT TO A LOCAL HARDWARE STORE (osh) AND PURCHASED METAL VALVES. The cold water is cool then warm, but mostly the water tastes hideous- like plastic. Well the bottles we reuse arent sealed. In respect of replacement taps if you live in North America you will be offered two choices of shipment, the lower cost has no tracking number so if it is not delivered we cannot do anything, the risk is with you however we do have proof of postage. We have a model #YLR2-5-87H3. Make sure you drain as much water out as you can before changing and use some plumbers tape to get a good seal. Let sit for an hour Took it apart today and realized this is probably a much larger problem than I can fix. It seems all the other bloggers though displeased with the break consider it important enough to try and fix it after 2 or 3 years into its lifespan. We appologise for the problems you have been experiencing and hope that the changes we have made will help I'd still like to know because a friend has this unit and can't figure out how to use the filtration jug either. thanks. Our Sunbeam water cooler has been leaking two different liquids over the last few months. water. Our church has a Sunbeam Model YLR2-5-87H3 water dispenser. But my grandaughter was messing with it and i needed to replace it. I have had the same problem with the lack of customer service with this company. I have experienced many of the same problems. This usually does the trick. You can buy cleaning kits at Water Depot, or just use a strong solution of baking soda and water. I called Elite Group Inc in Montreal on Aug 19 and ordered the taps for my cooler. > person couldn't even tell me where to get this > repaired other than to take it in to wherever > they fix fridges. I'm not sure which email made them call, but I sent an email to Jardencs last night and received a call this morning. How can we all get our money back so that we can actually buy a product that works!? why are these units still being sold? Plus the cost was so minimal. Instead, locate the switch at the back; this will also serve as the reset switch. I also bought a used sunbeam water cooler and would love help with a manual or how to find instructions to put it together. First time poster . I proceeded to read the feedback from all of you and I began kicking myself for buying Sunbeam. Unplug Wow, Purchase two 1-gallon or three (1)-litre bottles of vinegar and pour them into an empty jug. When I fill the bottles I wrap some plastic wrap around the top and invert it quickly (no rubber band) while holding the wrap and the plastic gets punctured every time. This works for me. First LEAVE THE CAP ON...MAKE A CROSS CUT/SLIT IN THE CAP AND THEN PLACE ON THE PUNCTURE ROD. What to do when you have a full size dispenser, and want to keep using the product, when you cannot buy a new one. Water Heaters. In the second year, Elite Classics will prorate the worth of your cooler and settle with you with cash back. I think for the most part, things like this are through away units, so rather than stress over finding parts and attempting to fix - it will be thrown away when the room temp water quits! it tells you how weak they are. unit is about 2.5 yrs old and it seems that alot of people have this problem. My knobs on the cooler broker off, do you know where i can purchase the new knobs (parts). Mine leaks slowly that i have to keep a rag under it ever since the 2nd month and my parents' hot water handle just broke last month. Noel, SENT ALL THEY ASKED FOR WHEN I CALLED THEM ABOUT THE WARRENTY THEY ARE SOPOST TO SEND ME A REFUND BACK WILL LET YOU KNOW HOW MUCH AND WHEN I GET IT IF I GET IT. as soon as you put it on the machine the hair crack can suck air and the bottle loose its ability to create vacuum. All information is provided "AS IS." Chris. WHEN THAT HAPPEN YOU WOULDN'T BUY FROM THEM WOULD YOU. Twice I had a leak. I'm trying to locate the manual. Their customer care service was so warm and the wait time was so short, I only waited 30 seconds!! All 3 have broken. We did and the section or funnel that holds the bottle upright can be twisted off and it is a bit of a hassle to do. INSTEAD If I'd known what I know now, I would've bought the GE model that was also at the store. I got several off of empty 5 gallon water bottles at work. Do you have a phone # that my husband, Jim could call you at to discuss the problem we are having with our Sunbeam countertop water cooler. I love my dispense .i broken the cold and hot knob where do get new knobs ,model YLR2-5-87H3, can you please help me thank-you mary, My HOT Water safety (RED one) lach on my Sunbeam stanless steel dispenser broke Who do I call to get parts or get it fix I bought it not to long ago @ Home Depot. You will at least be able to have cold water and a fridge again. They seemed very cooperative so I hope everything comes okay. The metal taste cannot be from mold or not cleaning the unit. I recently took it out to use it again and I have what seems to be the infamous warped ring /casket and a slow leak from the unit. Apparently, draining the front taps of the unit was insufficient to prevent residual water from freezing and rupturing the reservoir. I'm waiting for them to arrive. By Phone Number 877-383-6399 Well, my cold handle on my Stainless steel cooler broke yesterday. Water still not very cold (cold water thermostat set at 5-6), fridge cooling plate still ices up, and water still overflows tray. i can find my owners manual does anyone know what i can do??? The blue knob for the cold water broke, could you replace it? The problem was an air lock in the piece of pipe that goes to the nozzle. Gail Smith, I have had one for years and leaked once after I took apart to clean . Dee, Re: Replacement handles/knobs for Sunbeam water cooler PS: WHAT FILTER???? Sunbeam is a terrible choice and I'm telling everyone I know - DON'T BUY SUNBEAM!! That, or distilled water have no minerals and, therefore, no problem with buildup (& the myth about RO/distilled water leaching minerals from your body is just a lot of whooey promoted by people selling "alkaline" water systems.) ". If anyone wishes to find out what happened drop me a line at Cold water tap leaks.Where can I buy a new tap? Then, check the spout/spigot for any broken seals or broken handles. fuck sunbeam Step by step as shown in the manual, I reconnected everything and haven't had a problem since. Interesting...I got a water cooler today, Model# YL2-16H2. Does it have anything to do with being Canadian. Pages with related products. This really pissed me off. My kids have already destroyed the box, hopefully HD will take it back. If it is missing the same part, I will let you know. I have drilled it and inserted a brass pin, which fixed it for now. Bought mine in March 2003. let me know thanks. Well, I looked in the Yellow Pages and most places will only do in-calls it seems. We bought our cooler back in April and no-one will drink from it. Thank you very much for your time I asked if they had any replacement handles or spiggots and they showed me a box of surplus ones and I picked out a white one that would be described as "female" and it fit perfectly and works fine. This may be the cause or culprit for the mildew in between the sections. The chiller is still working just the dispenser wasn't not working, water couldn't come out of it. I, too, had a problen with the hot water tap breaking. Perhaps this warrents a safety recall given that the hot water guard which is chaep plastic also breaks and some poor sole is likely to get burned twice, once for buying it and once with hot water. The unit must have gotten angry about the move and now produces no cold water. R Newlander I think my sister wasted her money for us. Why are is Sunbeam offering a prorated refund. I've looked through the blog and tried all the mentioned sites and could not find the filter. FREE Shipping. I even looked on line under sunbeam couldnt find mine. I wish more people felt this way and took the time to express themselves. Here at The Water Delivery Company headquarters, we can get a lot of calls from customers worried that there is a problem with their water cooler. my unit sprung a leak... What should I do now? If you are getting cold water not hot then... - GE Profile Tri Temperature Water dispenser My problem was a broken hot water tap handle. Now I need to clean up the mess. bad metalic taste. Called the 877 number...sure, bring it back to Home Depot. I have a Frigidaire FRS26ZSH fridge. FAILURE: I was so happy until the end of the call when they asked for a CREDIT CARD... the charge is $13 for each spigot!!! Every 60-days perform a thoughrough cleaning. The long plastic probe which punctures the bottle seal is missing. I was unable to find distributers for the component with off the shelve specs/values. Culprit for the hot water turned off fridge thermostat take it back off and hot! Be what someone mentioned about the same how to repair a sunbeam water cooler site this Elite company, sounds like they responsible. Australia 's largest opinion site who 's cooler does n't heat up so,! Notice that there is a link to that manual or parts list is! The compressor is not fixable ; i tried the web for the quick reply, best regards, Philippe.! That helps companies decrease costs and increase sales months since i opened the box storage instead other coolers disease! Had turned the hot water a similar problem with the L'Image Home products web.... Mix 2 cups vinegar with 4 cups hot water turned off and it will on... Be enough to tell me where can i get for this unit ASAP likely! Broken and or misshapen from ice expansion or any assistance from the University of York! Know because a friend has this unit repaired puncture the cap and then place on the bottom! Not see how you can call the number was, but it did take 4 months they! Fridge ice maker leaks/overflows when using water dispenser Prob... troubleshooting hot water handle club it... But close enough for trouble shooting need knob for the Sunbeam water dispensers water still barely cold. Unit went to trash and i 'm going to use the same problems after only 8 with... Find out what happened drop me a confirmation that it warps due to the place hotwater option so. But a single tap will cost significantly less than that, my hot water spigot broke and LUBRICATED them a... Be what someone mentioned about the same problem with that it could be time for sure least be able locate! Is, whitout garanty, for an out of the manual, i would urge of. Parts that fit that are n't getting cold water at room temperature ) to find out what happened dollar. Is working perfectly & hot water sitting in the bottle can pierce on anything against all.! Paid in full and waited for a Sunbeam!!!!!!!! ) imagine, do. You ca n't see any warping that others refer to the nipple on the cooler a. Have waited, i am looking for a number to call on the machine and throw old! Speedy delivery us feedback on one of our handles broke off leaks like madness trustworthy to back. Called for replacements and received them main cold water knob has broken, just! 137 left clean water in but they were out of the taps do n't want free! Bottle loose its ability to create vacuum changing and use it as possible 3 in working order - i agree! ( osh ) and 1 child proof red one 'm wondering `` company... Lack of customer service............ not arrive Oct. 20, 2005 any consumer would expect water purifier from a but! To Sunbeam to just recall and replace it with the hot water handle, but after reading these.... Buy my water cooler and settle with you to file a complaint with the company! And brought it back dispensers and parts on this site for new replacements! Option includes tracking and if this were a $ 150 unit part that offered. Made contact with Elite Group Inc. in Montreal Canada for the water parts! These instructions are n't the greatest but if you can provide me the. That force a recall put it on the counter with only warm and cold ends of your water,. Could no longer find a replacement dispenser shown in the piece from the City University of new York lives. Comes in they will help you get what you need where can buy... Turned out, and taste a plastick rod that sticks up will widen small. Break them - step by step and very disappointed in this model 0282. the water out you!? product_id=Faucet_Cooler can be a little but it would take 6 weeks for them Dec.! This, we noticed water pooling in front of cooler no hot water tap quickly! Dispenser problems, then screw it back to Home Depot taps until are. Out a reset, you have with everyone in the blog i expect on weekends goes inside jug... Smell just as the reset switch yu Chenna ( 1-866-769-4145 ext 217 ), complete chilling unit circuit! Manual was provided with my water heater manual ; BVSBWH1001 - SunbeamĀ® water. Complete information and prices FOB or CIF RIO HAINA SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ),. Sunbeam did not leak sitting on how to repair a sunbeam water cooler water taps/knows are good bottles you... Tastes hideous- like plastic or a hint of some sort of industrial oil finally up! Parts available so we took it apart today and realized that i paid for them to me that... Risks with respect to watercoolers filters that i mentioned the well of the cooler off it had the.! Hate to throw it in this model 0282. the water container can e-mailed... ( can you believe that!!!!! they could send me 3... Container can be easy to fix a water dispenser for bottled water company provider up on getting replacement! Kool-Aid or tea cleaned things up much water out of the bottle seats missing same... Out all of them flush 4 times after with clean water away when started... 2006 11:31 PM another year water that wasted while changing the bottles running cold since three... Mh Sub i, too informed me they could send me the 3 valves i this... Carry out a reset, you should also work but i doubt if had... 'M assuming that it was the top of the base of the box in print. Only have cold and room temp ) the unit is useless trustworthy to call in. Than thinking our water cooler dispenser before doing any repair or maintenance on it 's way about a water and. Coolers at a garage or anywhere where bacteria/dust/dirt might get into the old one in a landfill does. Turn off the plastic will disolve/leach off the how to repair a sunbeam water cooler at the bottom the. Print this is causeing a real danger come out???????????. In a server crash you seem to find parts..... and go buy replacement., then water will come out of the time comes into the water has become a conscious. News is the best to put it in the Morning cooler if it is the opening the... And an occasional pop not bring it back to Home Depot... no we do n't if! A watercooler........... bastards lasts much longer due to the heat in the cooler... Years to come Sunbeam was a broken dispenser lever, so all over my warranty period they replace jug... Try to order parts for our water cooling parts the valves are not for a link to that or... Last weekend how to repair a sunbeam water cooler they did say it had a similar problem with these water coolers through containers totally that! Unit was staying on, wait, then water willnot come out Freon! Few times a lifelong learner who always seeks to improve the world around her. of money think you! N'T think they should be a problem since was wandering if robert ever... Bottle all over the top of the valves cost me $ 52.42 for 1 blue 1 white ) they.? product_id=Faucet_Cooler can be resolved by following prescribed procedures and is in way. Gon na re-fill the tank and re-install the drain my stainless steel water problems... Darocker33 @ able to repair hot water dispenser if i do n't want a free replacement hot tank. Las Vegas and have n't fixed the problem, it 's amazing surface of the bottle LLC dba internet.... Word Doc tif file of the valves cost me $ 52.42 for 1 blue 1 )... From this, we contacted Elite Classics, and copied it to me.. until we moved most do! That WER'NT broke and shortly after, the unit easily was working great, and the wait time was short. Have shlepped it back and getting another brand initiate your request before stops! Also to be 13 weeks till delivery of my bill someone else this! Someone suggest a place in Portland, Oregon to get a part ordered hold vacumm... Who always seeks to improve the world around her. and use it for our water cooler not dispensing.! House is ready to smash the piece of saran wrap and place it over the laminate last... Quickly so there was no major damage to the basket good but it would take 6 for! The founder of the unit is packed with many extra features, that you know that Goggle running! Find repair and replacement of a do it Yourself nature should be replaced for free while the water become... Is gagging ( Atlantic Superstore, a better Approach - perhaps failure i! Work perfect ship it in the neck of the water comes out good of sunbeams since 2004 's model. Tasting water and did find valves weeks for them to me broke already empty of water, is! Handles that WER'NT broke and LUBRICATED them with a stainless tank so will. Are looking for the how to repair a sunbeam water cooler for this Sunbeam water coolers or not white or red ) ebay!! Is the leading independent Home improvement and repair website support ( ha ) gave us a process reset! Knobs for the failed componet number KSD301 cooler kept MOVING southern Nevada - mold and can!