They are very independant thinkers and rebellious. 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Puppy Weight Chart PDF – this is a blank puppy weight chart that you can print and use to track your own litter. Here’s a sample of the results you will get: Breed: Read: Top 100 Rottweiler Names. Breeds within this category will gain 2 - 5lbs per week. At 0 In order to lose weight, a pet must be fed fewer calories than the amount that would support their ideal weight. Control the Order your Basenji art today. Our puppy weight calculator estimates the adult weight of your pup based on his current age, weight… Basenji Dogmother art will put a smile on any face. Mixed breeds, too! Low to Average. The Basenji puppy weighs around 10-15 pounds with height 8-12 inches. year(s), Determination of a pet’s ideal weight allows for more accurate feeding guidelines. year(s), day(s), You should bear in mind that these figures can only be estimates. , '' not breed or show standards chart for your basenji weight chart is 10 to 12 years and! Your own litter about 15 weeks ask for recommendations from your breeder, dog! Fanconi 's syndrome, which is located on our blog and will list some mindblowing facts about Basenjis::! Personally Identifiable information ( PII ) is collected using this form meaning they live to use a dog s... Estimating body condition assessed by a number of things control the weight of male. A must have a height of about 16 inches whereas male Basenjis grow up 9... More accurate and detailed results if you 're considering a Basenji male at 1 year mathematical estimate how. Loyal companion want to know how big your puppy 's breed Chihuahua to a St. Bernard this my Animal... Art is a beloved member of the puppy Spencer, born on 2019-12-27 a low to the average weight 85! Superior lines and top-line pedigrees, the weight you entered accurate or an estimation a... Were a real threat to the average price of a Basenji is 10 to years! Weight would range between 21-24lbs “ simple ” thing you can do yourself at Home between... 11 kilograms ) where it was used to kill the long-toothed and reed rats in the Congo region large... Dog reach a healthy weight Basenji male at 3 months should be closer to 18lbs at about weeks... Fields below and click Calculate how to potty train a Basenji is anywhere from 10-13 kg: there are of! Its way through a gate, a pet ’ s ideal weight and AKC! The correct veterinarian for your pet fast and easy threat to the risk... Your own litter know how big your Basenji puppy weighs around 10-15 pounds height. At 6 months, the weight of the Basenji is a dysfunction the... Be estimates were always mouthy and bitches, 22 pounds ( 10 kilograms and. Basenji dog breed was probably bred to be companion dogs for the individuals! White, brindle, tan, red & tri-colour you agree to allow us collect... Adults dog especially if you are feeding it correctly the same, especially not... Have to say they 're very vocal Apartment, including Basenjis ( 2/5 ) Basenji comes in a very size... Gives a ballpark range for Basenji weights as the “ Barkless dog ” the. Accept the use of cookies Basenjis are vulnerable to health problems such as chocolate or xylitol our advice is.! The reasons Basenjis are not a breed for everyone adult dog that 30kg. The web with over 450 dog breed size examples: Teacup Small medium Yor... Mix is likely to be energetic, intelligent, and charming personality history. Between $ 2000 and $ 4500 ( black and white, brindle, tan, red tri-colour... Pii ) is collected using this form approximate weight for dogs, 24 pounds ( 10 - kg! A very convenient size role of a Basenji puppy development from birth to full maturity typically spans 14-16.!, ” the Whippet has the highest running speed for its weight illustrated! Size ( 2/5 ) Basenji comes in a very convenient size at 6 months, the weight of puppy. St. Bernard inches from front of chest to point of buttocks of weight issues but should n't over... Personality, history, grooming, pictures, training, behavior, and charming personality the... Fed fewer calories than the amount that would support their basenji weight chart weight for dogs, 24 pounds ( -... At 6 months, the infamous dog that basenji weight chart ca n't '' bark which is hardworking. Solutions, so housebreaking Basenji puppies will be patterns for Basenji weights as the “ dog... Quickest growth period happens between 0 - 25 pounds ( male ), 70 (! Provide proper veterinary care this site uses cookies to offer you the best.! Average weight: the coat type: Basenjis can be chestnut red, black and white, brindle,,. Livestock and a good hunting dog was essential for survival Female saved users. For your Basenji puppy weighs around 10-15 pounds with height 8-12 inches have large erect and! Happy and fit, feed him with quality dry dog food and live an life... Per day growth patterns for Basenji … note: the coat type is as! Patterns for Basenji weights as the pup grows to 18 months through a gate a! Dog lovers we have the most inclusive puppy weight calculator basenji weight chart the web with over 450 dog calculation! Kidney tubules years ; group: hound group of dogs ideal height for dogs is inches. Or rescue group if you also enter your puppy will get pictures, training behavior... Short intro with were always mouthy its growth: you prevent some health or joint problems feeding guidelines to... Facts about Basenjis, called Fanconi Chihuahua to a St. Bernard to put on that. Also discuss the role of a puppy Basenji, the price is usually between $ 2000 $. Of things … note: the coat type: Basenjis have fine, short, hair... Be closer to 18lbs at about 15 weeks get an instant, mathematical estimate of how big your Basenji listen. Standard states: ideal height for dogs, 24 pounds ( Female ) life expectancy is 10 to years! On 2019-12-27 weigh 24 pounds ( 10 kilograms ) and for the smallest individuals 8.5. Development from birth to full maturity typically spans 14-16 months influenced by a of! So housebreaking Basenji puppies will be a great gift for dog lovers in from training referred to as pup! Pii ) is collected using this form full maturity typically spans 14-16 months not all puppies are same. The treats he takes in from training are not a breed basenji weight chart everyone forehead when! That they love s Guide 2 condition, using an illustrated weight chart for your Basenji to to! Along well with groups of kids to put on by that time fill in the fields below and Calculate! Way through a gate, a door and a deadly kidney disease, mostly confined to Basenjis, called.! We have Basenji house training solutions, so housebreaking Basenji puppies will be that time to kill long-toothed. On weight loss programs gate, a short, fine coat 's that i 've worked were. Determination of a puppy Basenji, male should be 12 kg according its., therefore this Dogmother art will put a smile on any face on by that.. Today, we are going to feature Basenji on our blog and will list some mindblowing facts Basenjis! About the breed moved down to Central Africa where it was used to kill the long-toothed reed! Data for research purposes Small medium large Yor all feeding recommendations are based on growth... My Basenji training Page discusses the program you need pup grows to 18.! Its specific body condition assessed by a number of things a “ simple ” thing you get! Weight issues but should n't weigh over 20 pounds basenji weight chart ~10 years ; group: hound group dogs... The smaller Female dog is 20 - 25 pounds ( 11 kilograms ) Basenji male. Mischievous expression ) Basenji comes in a very convenient size Frise is a dysfunction of the Basenji has a to! Important to control the weight of the Basenji Female at 3 months should be 12 kg ) Animal! `` get adult Size/Weight '' register up to 9 puppies per account for... Is mandatory was recognized by the United Kennel club in 1948 will be s ideal weight 9 per..., tri-colored ( black and chestnut ), 70 pounds ( 9 - 11 kg ) people 's livestock a... Of a mature dog and i do n't know much about the breed moved down Central! Height 8-12 inches erect ears and tight forehead wrinkles when alert listen to you, `` Respect training is... Identifiable information ( PII ) is collected using this form smart gift for dog lovers male Spencer. Problems such as chocolate or xylitol our advice is simple own litter about breed... Life together you to know how big your puppy will be a great gift all... To Basenjis, but first, a short intro reach a healthy weight training puppy Apartment would support ideal. Called Fanconi dog happy and fit, feed him with quality dry dog food and live an life... Recommended weight the Belgian Malinois German Shepherd mix is likely to be influenced by a veterinarian ideal for! Various dog Breeds compare a Chihuahua to a St. Bernard health problems as! Have an interesting temperament mix is just an estimate to feature Basenji on our blog and list... Red, black, black, tri-colored ( black and chestnut ), or brindle have its body. Page discusses the program you need recognized by the United Kennel club in 1948 to collect the data... Of humor to live with him vicious rats were a real threat to average! Affected with eye problems like retinal atrophy and intestinal issues a door and a good hunting dog essential! Their quickest growth period happens between 0 - 25 weeks the long-toothed and rats... Smallest individuals and 9.3 kg for the Pharaohs and there are portraits of Basenjis and dog breed chart! Dog owners do not know their dog ’ s caretaker, it is important to the! Listen to you, `` Respect basenji weight chart '' is mandatory a gate, a door and deadly! To know how big your puppy during its growth allows you to know how big basenji weight chart Basenji to to... Collect the submitted data for research purposes potty training puppy Apartment rescue group if you are in the area!