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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We're sure you have many. We're also sure you'll find all the answers to sell your own house online or finding your new dream home here. So without further a do, simply click on one of the questions highlighted below to find out what you're looking for...

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi listing is a way of getting your property seen by more potential buyers by listing it on other websites such as Zoopla. Doing this will provide you the best exposure for your property if you are selling. If you are buying a property you can find out information on local taxes, mortgages, information on certain areas and much more.

By multi listing we can make full use of the internet and help you to sell your property even faster, which is beneficial for you. As we are the only online estate agent to do this your property will be in the best hands.

Here we increase the exposure of your property via the hundreds of member INEA agents (Independent Network of Estate Agents). Fact: Most people move locally due to education, work, family and friends, separation/divorce and simply up and downsizing. MLS means greater local exposure at just 1.75%, which means we can assist you by being your main agent, instructing fellow sub agents and often simply get more prospective buyers through the door to help you sell faster, achieve a better price or find a more solid buyer. So many more agents marketing your property and Chimneypots.co.uk is your only main contact point. With more potential buyers at the table we can insure that maximum coverage will gain you a best price scenario over sole agency.

Buying or selling a property is very stressful and can be very expensive with HIDDEN costs. We believe in making the whole process much easier and cheaper for you, which is why we include conveyancing in many of our packages. By telling you all of the costs upfront you can make a decision on whether or not to use our services. You will also be safe in the knowledge that you will not have to deal with any unpleasant extra costs that can make things harder for you to afford.

We work with the best professional conveyancing solicitors and do not cut corners just because we can offer this service as part of our packages. We value our reputation and we operate ethically and fairly, which is why we have so many satisfied customers who recommend us to family and friends. If you choose a package that includes conveyancing, but you sell through a different agent, this conveyancing is null and void.

Because we work ethically and fairly. We know that buying or selling a home is hard enough without being hit by unfair and hidden charges. On our comparison table you will be able to see just what good value for money we offer and the hidden fees that many other estate agents will charge you. We want to be in partnership with you while we sell your home, so we set our fees so you can trust us.

From experience, we have found that a 360 degree virtual tour of your home is an excellent way to show it off to potential buyers. We charge £75 for this service, which is much less than our competitors and we will use it to sell your home. Offering a tour like this gives potential buyers an opportunity to look around your home without leaving theirs, and this can work wonders when it comes to getting people to view your home in person.

As 80% of the people looking for a property today will use portals like Zoopla, FindaProperty.com and Prime Location to find homes we make full use of them. 

We have a marketing company that we have worked with for 14 years and they are experts in their field. They will advertise your property on the portals that have been mentioned and others.

We advertise on Zoopla – the largest portal for properties in the UK, Prime Location and FindaProperty.com as well as many others.

The standard length of time is 12 months. If your property does not sell during this period you can add on extra time, at a cost.

No! We do not encourage our customers to use floor plans as they can give the wrong impression of a home. In fact many potential viewers are put off from visiting a property thanks to a floor plan that can make rooms seem different. Seeing a property in person is the best way to make a judgement and with our 360 degree tours potential buyers can have a virtual walk round before visiting in person.

One of the packages that we offer includes an e-brochure which you can use as a keepsake. This is in place for 12 months and after this it costs just £20 per year to keep it up and running. 

We can sort out a mortgage that is FEE FREE for you. We can also help with life insurance and other products that might be of interest to you. We are not a one stop shop, which is another reason why we have so many satisfied customers. We have thought about each and every step of the selling process and worked to make each one as stress free as possible.

The main difference is the fees. When you go to a high street estate agent you will be expected to pay a commission fee once your property has been sold or let. This can often be for much more than you expected which can cause problems. By charging a single fee upfront we will not hit you with additional and unexpected costs at any point during your transaction.

Not at all! In fact we ask you to go through our terms and conditions if you are not 100% certain of this assurance. While a lot of estate agents might show you a low headline fee, they will go on to charge you for conveyancing, creating virtual tours, EPCs, For Sale board and more. Take a look at the packages that we offer and you will see that these services are included in the price, helping you to save more money.

We will pass on any enquiries to you via e-mail or telephone, regardless of what they are about. Be wary of online estate agents who will only contact you via text or email.

This all depends on the type of contract that you have with your estate agent. If you have a sole agreement this will need to change to a multi or joint agreement, or you will have to give them notice, following their terms, to change to us.

If you are in a sole agreement with an estate agent would use of and go on to sell your property you will have to pay your estate agent their commission fee. Our fees will not go up even if you are using another agent, but the fees set by the other agent might, so you should check these out.

No, all fees are paid upfront so you will not have to enter into a contract.

We will not charge you for doing this. We will give you help and advice on setting the sale price of your home, but ultimately this is your decision and you are able to change this price at any time without incurring any fees.

Unlike many of our competitors we will not charge you for doing this even if you pause a sale and decide to remarket your property after 6 months, 12 months or even 18 months. We will have your property advertised until it sells.

We cover the UK as a whole. You need to be aware that the laws relating to selling your home in Scotland are different to those in England and we will abide by them. In Scotland you will need to have a Home Sellers Pack and this incurs an additional cost, but you can discuss this with one of our members of staff.

Once you have ordered from us you can expect to get a visit from us 2 -4 days after the order. One of our staff out in the field will speak with you and arrange a suitable time to visit your home. As soon as the information relating to your property has been received and validating your listing will be live on our portals including Zoopla. On average this takes place 48 hours after the visit.

If you want to do this it is fine, however all of the photos used must represent your property correctly. We comply with the Property Mis-Descriptions Act and visit the property to make sure that all details and photos are correct.

While it is your responsibility to show potential buyers around your home we will handle all of the viewing times and book them for you. We will do this at times that are convenient for you.

Yes – we will pass all of these on to you after we have verified the financial position and ID of the buyer. If you choose to accept an offer we will instruct the solicitors on both sides.

As we do not have offices on the high street we do not have many of the expensive overheads that high street estate agents do. As we work all over the UK we have lots of instructions which means that we are able to make less profit per property, so we can pass these savings on to you.

You can market your property using any estate agents that you like. You are advised to read the terms and conditions of any estate agents that you are using so you are aware of all associated fees.

We can offer discounts in these circumstances, so please call us or email us and we will be able to discuss your needs further.

The Office of Fair Trading and The Property Ombudsman. 

An EPC or Energy Performance Certificate is a report that shows the energy efficiency of your property. This is available for all potential buyers, owners, tenants and purchasers to view and gives information on the CO2 emissions from a property so they can check out fuel costs and so on before making an offer.

In the UK it is the law that all properties must have an EPC in place or on order before it can be marketed. Many online estate agents will charge you for this service, we will not, even if you do not have one.

Yes – you will not be able to list your property unless you have an EPC or have proof that you have ordered one.

These all last for ten years.

This is a service that we can provide that will enhance your listing and put it at the top of the search results page, so more people will see it. According to Zoopla, a premium listing can increase the chances of your property selling by up to 30%.

We can help you to come up with a value for your home based on market data which is relevant at any given time. We know that most people have a sale price in mind before a valuation which is based on properties that after sale in the local area.

With us nothing! This is one of the many services that is included in the price of your package. We will also put up the board for you at no extra cost, unlike many other online agents who will charge you for this and other services.  

Yes, we have partnered with Sage Pay who use the latest technology to ensure that all payments are handled securely. Sage Pay are regulated by the FSA so you can be sure that your transaction will be safe.

This might have been the case 20 years ago when the only way of finding a property for sale was to contact estate agents directly. Today, thanks to the internet buyers can search portals online, such as Zoopla, and find properties that are suitable. So even if your estate agent tells you they have a readymade buyer, so will the internet. 

Because we get 100% of our business from recommendations. We want to grow and expand the only way that we can do this is by selling your property. We work with our customers to ensure that we aren't giving the best service possible and by keeping all of our fees upfront we can help you to save money when compared to estate agents on the high street. We can assure you that there is no other online estate agent who can give you the service that we do at such a low cost.

We do not hide any of our costs! We will not show you low headline fees and then hit you will a massive list of ‘extras’ that will cost you even more, like many of our competitors will do. Take a look at the packages that we offer and you will see we include the EPC, virtual tours, For Sale board and more.

For as long as you need to in order to sell your property. Many of the other online estate agents will only list for 6 -12 months before charging you extra if your property is not sold.

We are very popular and get many requests to visit property each day, so our visit will depend on our availability within your area. In most cases we can arrange to visit your property within 3 – 4 days of your booking.

Once a member of our field staff team has been out to your property they will get all of the details together and send you an email advising you that your property will be listed within 48 hours. In most cases we beat this deadline and have the listing up within 24 hours, but this can sometimes take longer, if we are very busy, which is why we guarantee your property will be listed within 48 hours. This also gives us enough time to verify any information if we need to.

Yes we aim to promote your home on a wide range of portals, however as the terms of these portals can change we aren’t always aware of them as we have no inside info.

Monday-Friday: 9am - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 3pm

Sunday: 10am – 3pm

Arrange a Callback: 24/7

Of course as we think that this is a vital part of our service and you will have a personal contact who will handle your transaction. You can also email us at support@chimneypots.co.uk and get a fast response.

No. We advise you of all of our charges. Take a look at other estate agents online and you will notice that they have charges that are extra to their stated fees.

As our research has shown that potential buyers prefer to be shown round by the home owner we do not offer this service to our customers.

Yes, this is part of our service. We will get the full name, address, mobile and landline numbers, financial position and buying status of all interested parties who want to view your home.