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Rent the Rented - how the traditional model of home ownership is changing beyond all recognition

Thu, 11/28/2013 - 01:03 -- Word Smith

With buy to let interest rates at historic lows and rents at historic highs and, as property ownership goes into decline, there is a new generation of landlords making a killing from “Generation Rent”.  Former Council homes are rich pickings in particular, with over a third now in private hands.

South Wales based Kevin Green is vying for the title of Britain’s biggest buy-to-let landlord, aiming to take his total up to 1000 from 67 and challenging Fergus Wilson in Kent as Britain's biggest buy-to-let landlord.

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Generation Rent face a stark choice - baby or house deposit - but will the Help-to-Buy scheme be enough?

Thu, 11/28/2013 - 00:42 -- Word Smith

The number of affordable homes completed in 2012/13 was down by 29 per cent from the previous year, contributing to a chronic shortage of homes which forces up rents and pushes house prices and deposits further out of reach of first time buyers, so will the Help-to-Buy scheme be enough?

Affordability has improved with the Government stressing that it is building 170,000 new homes across England to help cope with demand.

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What is Help-to-Buy

Thu, 11/21/2013 - 03:09 -- Word Smith

Help-to-Buy is a Government scheme designed to help owners move to a new property with just a 5% deposit. The scheme was launched in April 2013 and prior to the scheme, home owners typically needed around 20% deposit. Now, it’s 5% and with some lenders, it can be 4%. You need to get a minimum of 5% for the deposit and the Government will help you out with an Equity loan of up to 20%, meaning you only need to get a mortgage of around 75%.

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Boost the value of your home – top tips

Thu, 11/21/2013 - 03:08 -- Word Smith

Some changes can lessen the value of your home so, whether it is for your own enjoyment or, if you are considering putting the house on the market at some stage in the future, think carefully before you redecorate or carry out home improvements as you may well end up having to rip them out and it could cost you a lot of money, whereas a little consideration and planning means you can make the desired changes but not waste the money when you come to sell.