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Thinking of Buying a house? Here are our Top Tips

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Wed, 02/12/2014 - 02:34 -- Word Smith
So you've decided to buy a new property. You've gone online (first port of call being Chimney Pots online estate agency site of course) and you've started searching. You've even written down a spec as to everything you need in your new home. 

Now what's next?

Well, it's always a good idea to read the local papers, you'll get a good feel for the local area, schools, other amenities and prices and styles of properties for sale in the area. This is particularly helpful if you don't know the area you are moving to very well.
Register on the estate agent's mailing list. Remember to add Chimney Pots to your list as we advertise on all the aggregator sites nationwide. There are hundreds of people on every estate agent's list, so it's important that you are proactive in this matter, too.
Draw up a short list and plan a day or two of viewings. Only by viewing will you be able to refine your search and cross off things you don't like and add in things you do like which you hadn't previously thought off. In this way your property will become much clearer in your own mind and therefore much more realisable.

If it is practical, try to drive around the area in which you are planning to buy. 

Seek financial advice and planning so you know what is realistic. In this way you won't waste your time looking at properties you can't afford.
Chimney Pots can help you match your requirements as we work all across the UK; in addition our fees are very low as we work online, so consider instructing us for any purchase you are considering making. We can offer a wide range of properties, make appointments to view and obtain any professional advice you need from conveyancing, solicitors, mortgage brokers and surveyors. 
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