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Need to sell your home fast? Here's how!

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Fri, 02/07/2014 - 02:08 -- Word Smith
Rule No. 1 if you want to sell your house fast is not to get emotionally involved. It may be your HOME and very personal to you and your family but it's personal to you, and it means nothing to the stranger who walks in. They've read the particulars, it fits the bill - room sizes, location, age, appearance etc. That's what has got them through the front door. You've got it just the way you like it but that may not be to their taste. Your decorating taste may not be theirs. There is a good reason interior designers say decorate in neutral colours if you are thinking of selling your home, as this will not offend anyone and it looks crisp and clean. You want the space to look neutral so buyers can imagine themselves in the space. They can't do this if it is heavily personalised. If the bright blue walls in your bedroom look brilliant against your new duvet set it won't against their bedlinen! So let go of features you love and make it a home that most people - the widest number possible - could get to love. That means painting walls a neutral colour. 

A good tip is to ask an estate agent's advice.

Start thinking of your home as a 'product' or a 'commodity' to be sold. Not as a personal extension of you. That way if a buyer doesnt' love it, you won't take it personally, it simply a deal that didn't happen for whatever reason. And you move on quickly to finding the next deal.

Another top tip is not to leave all your stuff lying around.

Buyers need to think that they could move in tomorrow and that their things will fit. So as little as possible lying around really helps as they can then imagine their things in situ. First impressions count and never has this phrase been truer than when selling a property. Wedding photos on prominent display send a message that this is your house and not the buyer's house - they will find it distracting so try to par it down where you can.
Making it look like a hotel room is a good thing.
Grab some boxes and put in all the extra knick knacks, books and pictures from each room. Ask yourself what could you remove from each room to make it look bigger? 
When viewings take place, leave it to the agent, unless they specifically say they can't do it. That way you know a dispassionate professional is guiding the buyer and it's less likely to get emotional.
If someone puts in a low offer, don't be discouraged, an agent can advise on each individual's situation and at least it shows interest - think of it as a starter for ten.
Only if the property hangs around several months should you ask the agent for advice on the property ie what's holding it back or whether to lower the price to get the sale you want.
Above all start off on the right foot, get it smartened up, neutralise it and pack stuff away. A little goes a long way in this situation.
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