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Don't go it alone when selling your house - it's very tricky!

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Fri, 02/07/2014 - 01:48 -- Word Smith
It is possible to pull off a sale by the the owner, but we wouldn't recommend it - well we would say that wouldn't we. But the fact of the matter is when you use an online estate agent like Chimney Pots the prices for fees are so low that quite honestly your time is best spent getting on with what you do best, going to work, looking after the children, planning your move to your next home OR, doing up your current home to get the best price for it (more on that later).
There's a lot of money at stake and when you consider that most people only buy or sell one or two houses in their lifetime, it's really not worth the risk. There are many rules and regulations to follow and strict procedures, falling foul of these could come back to haunt you. You could be sued by the buyer for failing to disclose something material, for example, that they feel affects the value of the house or has caused them some financial expense to rectify - and they intend to put the blame firmly at your new doorstep.

A good local estate agent also knows what's selling around you and what the prices are.

They can advise on the marketing and whether the offer is reasonable and help with all the negotiations. 

You may not save as much as you think, if you fly solo on this one. People often try to discount the price anyway if they effect a private purchase without an estate agent, as they know there is no agent involved.
Get yourself an estate agent, ask for recommendations from colleagues and friends. Check their references, conduct interviews, ask about pricing and go with an agent with a proven track record. Remember, partnering with an established online agency such as Chimney Pots will save you even more as we have already discounted the fees heavily, offer bonuses and rewards for recommendations and referrals and offer a lot for free. 
You know it makes sense. Call a member of our professional sales team today for a free, no obligation chat about your options. 

So you are ready to hire an estate agent - now what do you need to do? This is how your time is best spent:

Mend things that are broken around the house. Obvious things that need fixing send warning signals to prospective buyers walking around the house - they wonder how many other things they can't see need fixing, too. Loose handrails, creaky, cracked doors, loose door knobs are all tell tale signs of a neglected property. So mend holes in walls, address dripping taps and clear your gutters.
A handy tip is to do a walk through of your own home as if you were a buyer and take a clipboard with you so you can make notes as you go around.
Spending a few weekends getting your house in tip top order will make all the difference and more than offset any estate agents' fees, especially if you use an online agent such as Chimney Pots.
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